Portuguese-English Literary Translators Association

PELTA is a network of literary translators from Portuguese into English. Our main aims are to promote Portuguese-language literature in English translation and to represent the community of Portuguese-English literary translators, while at the same time maintaining a register of such translators. In addition, we seek to actively promote links with Anglophone and Portuguese-language publishers and relevant cultural and literary organisations, and to encourage greater recognition and improved conditions for literary translators. PELTA is an independent, non-profit, global network run by translators, for translators.

Committee Members:

Chair - Sarah Greenwood
Vice Chair and Events - James Young
Secretary - Diane Whitty
Treasurer - Kim Olson
Communications - Silvia D. Schiros
Funding and Website - Victor Meadowcroft
General Committee - Sandra Tamele


Members will be invited to participate in PELTA’s AGM, as well as events and workshops related to the translation of Portuguese-language literature.

Members have the opportunity to add their profile to our database of translators which can be searched by potential clients seeking a Portuguese-English translator.

We have an online group for translation-related discussion between our members.

PELTA members are expected to be professional and courteous in their dealings with clients.

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