Rosa Churcher Clarke
Portugal, Fiction, Non-fiction

Rosa Churcher Clarke

Rosa is a British-born, Lisbon-based translator from Portuguese and Spanish into English. During her PhD in Comparative Studies (2017-2021) Rosa regularly translated excerpts of literary and academic texts for English-language publications; in 2021, she also taught prose translation on the Oxford University Portuguese undergraduate course.

Translating work from across a range of areas of contemporary Portuguese culture (including film scripts, poetry, and gallery texts), Rosa's recent publications include 'Everyday stories. Paula Rego, the 1970s' (2022), 'The Power of Image in the Work of Lídia Jorge' (in press), and photographer Daniel Blaufuks' homage to 1980s & '90s Lisbon, 'Lisboa Cliché' (2023). Working at the prestigious Portuguese children's publisher Planeta Tangerina since 2022, Rosa regularly produces in-house English-language translations of Tangerina books, and recently co-translated 'Se choras como uma fonte' from English into Portuguese (Planeta Tangerina, 2023).

Latest Publications

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